Getting around 360 Ledger


While working in 360 Ledger there are a few ways to access information.  While on the main page clicking on any of the clickable items will perform an action.  Some examples include:

Individual transactions - clicking on a transaction will open the transaction making its contents viewable.

Payee - clicking on a payee link will take you to the payees profile so you can see all transactions for that payee.  When you are in the payee screen you can click on the account link to see a breakdown of the individual transactions.

Account - clicking on an account will take you to the account page to see a list of transactions for that account.  When you are in the account screen clicking on the Payee link will take you into the payee record to see a total amount spent on that particular payee.

Transaction Edits - as you enter transactions and need to update them the system will display an icon next to the amounts to show that the transaction has been edited.  Clicking on this icon will show when the change was made and what was done.