Church360° Ledger Year-End Document


Welcome and thank you for reading the Church360° Ledger Year-End Document!

This document is not something you have to complete all at once. It will just take you through all the steps to performing your year-end in Church360° Ledger, to make sure your church books get the new year started right.

Throughout this document, there will be links to other articles that will explain how to perform the task that is being described. Click on the link, and it will take you to that article to explain in more depth how you can perform that task.

Ensure all transactions have been entered/voided/etc.

Before running reports or closing out the fiscal year, you’ll want to make sure all checks, deposits, and journal entries for the year have been entered into your site. Leaving off any transactions will cause your end-of-year reports to be off.

It’s also perfectly alright to add transactions for the new year as well; if the date of the transaction is outside of a fiscal year, it will not affect that year’s balance.

Reconcile bank accounts as much as you can

Another administrative task you’ll want to verify is that all months of your ending fiscal year have been reconciled against your bank statement. It is not required to clear all transactions for the year, only that your reconciliations are as complete as possible.

Enter in Budgets

Budgets for the new year can be entered before the end of the current year if you have that information and would like to get ahead.

Print all needed reports

Reporting your financial records accurately is important for starting the new year off right.

Closing the fiscal year

You will want to make sure all previous tasks have been completed and that all of your reports and account figures are correct before closing the year out.

Cleanup as needed

You may want to clean up your logins and review your role permissions to make sure those with access to the database can access what they need and can’t change information they are not responsible for.

You may also want to clean up your print queue, payee information, and recurring transactions.

Year-End Mini-Checklist

  • Ensure all transactions have been entered/voided/etc.
  • Reconcile bank accounts as much as you can
  • Enter in Budgets
  • Run all necessary reports
  • Cleanup as needed
  • Close the fiscal year