Does Church360 Ledger have dedicated accounts?


If you're a user of Church 360Ledger who is coming from Shepherd's Staff, you may be wondering what you can use for dedicated accounts. Church 360Ledger does not use dedicated accounts, but instead, uses what's called restricted funds. These accounts are directly tied to your asset accounts, and are a "restricted" portion of that asset account. When you make a restricted fund on an asset account, a new account is created automatically called "Unrestricted (Asset Account Name)". This is the portion of your asset account that is not tied up in a restricted fund. 

You can use these restricted funds in place of an asset account when you do a transaction if you want to draw off of the restricted portion of the money. You still need to use income and expense accounts, however, when running a transaction from a restricted fund, as it is now acting as the asset you are adding to or drawing from. If you want to use the unrestricted portion of your asset account, use the "Unrestricted (Asset Account Name) account as your asset.