I imported from Shepherd's Staff, but I don't see any of my transactions?


When importing from Shepherd's Staff, there are two possibilities for what data will appear within Church360 Ledger. Either your balances, and all your transactions will be imported, or just your balances will be imported. What imports into Church360 Ledger is based on the presence of dedicated accounts in your chart of accounts in Shepherd's Staff. Because Church360 Ledger uses restricted funds, which are similar, but different than dedicated accounts, only the current balances can be brought forward from Shepherd's Staff if you have dedicated accounts.

Dedicated accounts and restricted funds both represent money that is reserved inside of an asset account, but they differ in that restricted funds are tied directly to an asset account, and dedicated accounts are not. This means that any time a restricted fund is used, it will directly affect the balance of the asset account it is tied to, while a dedicated account can be used in a transaction without affecting an asset account