What happens when I request a new feature?


Since 1984, Concordia Technology Solutions has developed church management software that provides ministry leaders with the tools they need to be efficient in the office and effective in the mission field. With such a broad range of products, we receive a lot of great feedback, suggestions, and wishes from customers.

We read every suggestion and piece of feedback our customers send us. Since we are not able to implement every requested feature, here is how we review and prioritize them all.

  • We routinely review all feature requests and suggestions. Currently, we do this on a quarterly basis.
  • When determining which features to implement, we take a number of factors into consideration beyond popularity. We look at feedback from our customers and our engineering team, our own market research, the availability of our team and resources, and how the feature fits into our long-term product vision, plans, and strategy.
  • We develop a long-term, flexible roadmap for each product based on the vision we have for it. This roadmap is a result of the many feature requests from our customers over the years, as well as our view of what the future needs will be. The ideas generated by your feedback and the team’s input get added to our product roadmaps. This pool of feedback is where suggestions start out, gather popularity, and evolve as ideas.
  • The roadmap guides all of our feature decisions. To identify trends and needs, we track the number of requests that come in for each feature. This helps us prioritize the ideas that are added to the roadmap.
  • Once a feature is added to the roadmap, our product team scopes and defines it for development. Whenever possible, we try to involve our customers in this process. In many cases, customers provide hands-on feedback for a new feature before it’s rolled out in the product.
  • To provide the most flexibility for our team and to avoid disappointment or frustration for our customers, we do not currently publish long-term roadmaps or provide ETAs for new features.

In the end, it’s our customers who shape the products. We are constantly refining our products to make them better, and we are always adding features to help our customers better manage the necessities of running a ministry. It’s a lot to manage, but we love it.

Thanks for all your feedback.

—The CTS Team