Common Payroll Import Error Messages [FAQ]


When importing a Payroll file, sometimes, you may run across error messages if something is not set up quite correctly. This article will walk through some of the more common payroll file issues you can encounter, and their solutions:

Invalid Mapping:


This error most commonly occurs when you forget to choose an account to match up with a line item from your payroll import file. You will want to watch for this especially when you get new employees, or new withholdings are added to an employee's pay. To fix this, at the screen where you select which accounts match up with the line items from your payroll file, make sure nothing in the right column says "Select an account".

Invalid Headers:


This error occurs when your payroll file is missing one or more columns of information. Most typically, this is the "Name" column. If you get this error message, you'll need to work with your representative at your payroll company to get this column added to your file.

Expected there to be a...:


Note: This error may also reference an Asset or Expense account, instead of a Liability, as shown in the image above.

This error occurs when your payroll file is out of balance with the account mappings you selected. When this happens, review your account selections for all your line items from your payroll file on the Map Accounts window. If you are confident that all the selections were made correctly, you will want to reach out to your payroll representative at your payroll company to review the file, and make sure you aren't missing any line items from your file.