How do I remove a check that I am not going to print?


If you have added a check to the system and you do not plan on printing it you are able to remove it from the print queue.  Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Click on the Check Printer Icon to view the Print Queue.

  2. Find the check that you are not going to print and click the "Check Box" to the left of the check.

  3. Once that is done you will see two buttons that have become clickable.  "Print" would allow you to print the check.  In this case we will want to use "Mark as Printed".

  4. When you click on "Mark as Printed" you will get a prompt asking you if you wish to remove the check from the print queue.  Clicking on "Confirm" will remove the check from the print queue.  Clicking on "Cancel" will take you back to the Print Queue screen.

Note:  Clicking on "Confirm" only removes the check from the Print Queue.  It does not remove it from the system.

Note: Once a check is marked as printed it can no longer be edited. If you discover a problem with the check at a later time you will need to void it and reenter it.