How do I write a check using restricted fund money?


In Church360° Ledger, a restricted fund is linked directly to the asset account where the money is stored. When a Check is written the user will select the restricted fund in place of the bank account, then select an expense account to track the expenditure. 

Note: Former Shepherd's Staff users who used to use Dedicated accounts and are now using Restricted Funds, will need to remember to create expense accounts to offset transactions since the restricted fund will now be used in place of the asset account.  

  • Click the "New transaction" drop-down menu. Select "Check."
  • Enter in the necessary information. (Memo, Payee, Accounts, Date, Check#).  Also when looking at this view you will see the sample check layout.  This will start to fill in with data as you enter information in the transaction window.  See "Transaction Overview" for more information about Checks.
  • Select the Restricted fund under "Asset or Liability"
  • Select the offset Expense account under "Expense or Liability"
  • Click the "Save" button.  This will add the check to the check queue for printing.  This will also increment the number of checks showing on the print queue icon.