How do I print a list of checks or other transactions for a certain date range?


To print a list of a specific type of transaction for a specific time range, 

  • Go to the book icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select General Ledger.

  • To the top-right of the General Ledger, there will be options to Export to Excel, Print, and change the date. Click on the date to edit the date range to your preference. You can choose by year, quarter, month or a custom date range.
  • When the date is correct, click the date button to close the date selector. You can also click a blank area on the page to close it as well.

  • The second column of the ledger should be transaction type. Click on the header of the column to select which transactions to show.

  • If the ledger shows only the transactions you want, click the Export to Excel or Print button to create a report.