Navigating the Income & Expense Report


The Income & Expense Report displays a breakdown of income versus expense.

  • Accounts can be collapsed into their respective categories by clicking the triangles.
  • Clicking on the triangles next to the account name will expand or collapse your accounts.
  • Access the Income & Expense Report by clicking on the Reports icon and selecting “Income & Expense.”

There are a variety of columns in your Income & Expense Report. Here is a short explanation of each column:

Date Picker—allows you to select the specific time frame for your report (Fiscal Year, Quarter, or Month).

YTD Budget—displays your budget amounts year to date (current month and any prior months).

YTD Actual—displays your actual income amounts year to date (current month and any prior months).

% of Budget—compares your YTD Actual to your YTD Budget and gives you a percentage.

Remaining—shows the difference between your YTD Actual and YTD Budget.

Income Less (Expense)—the difference between your Income and Expense.