Pasting Budgets from Excel


If you prefer to calculate your budget in Excel, you may first export your Chart of Accounts from Church360° Ledger and then paste your finalized budget information back into the Budgets view.

  1. Export your budget to Excel from Church360 Ledger.
  2. Update your budget numbers in Excel, as needed. The file that you export out needs to stay the same.  Any changes that you make (adding columns/rows, removing columns/rows) could cause the import to not work properly.
  3. When your budget has been updated in Excel, select the data and press CTRL+C or click “File” and “Copy” to copy.
  4. In Church360° Ledger, select the first cell you wish to paste into.
  5. Right click and select “Paste” or use CTRL+V.
  6. Click “Save” to save your changes.

When the budget is imported,  its possible that the amounts might be off depending on the rounding.

If you paste in the totals the system will adjust the months to equal that amount (one month might have 1 penny more than another month).  This is normal.