Creating a Chart of Accounts


The Chart of Accounts is at the core of Church360° Ledger; it is the place where you create all of your accounts that you will use when creating transactions.

Within the Chart of Accounts, you can add Asset, Liability, Income, and Expense accounts.

Each of these types of accounts is important in recording transactions.

To set up these accounts,

  1. Access the Chart of Accounts screen by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the page, and choose "Chart of Accounts".
  2. Select the account type that you want to add by clicking on the name of that account type.
  3. Click the "New Account" button, and then fill in the Name of the Account, Account Number, and the Initial Balance on the account. The Account Number is optional, and for Asset accounts, there will also be a checkbox to determine if you can write checks from that account. Click Submit when finished adding in this information
  4. For asset accounts, you can add what is called a "Restricted Fund". These are subaccounts that represent money that is reserved within the asset account. To add a restricted fund under an asset account, click the "New Restricted Fund" button on the account. You can then add the Name and Account number to the account. Click Submit when finished adding in this information
  5. You can arrange your accounts into categories as well. To add a category under an account type, click the "New Category" button. In the "Name" field that appears, name the category, and then click "Submit".
  6. After adding a category, you can place accounts or other categories under a category by clicking and dragging the accounts under and to the right of the category. There will be a red arrow that shows where the account will be placed. This red arrow should be indented slightly to the right to indicate that the account or category will be placed under that category.
  7. When finished making changes to your chart of accounts, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the Chart of Accounts window. This will give you a summary of the changes you have made. At the bottom of the window, to save your changes, click the "Confirm" button. If you click the "Discard Changes" button, this will delete any changes you've made since the last time you saved your chart of accounts. Clicking the "Cancel" button will bring you back to your chart of accounts screen without saving your changes.