Navigating the Event Log


Every time you enter a transaction, edit a transaction, print checks, or create/edit payees, the Event Log tracks these changes.

There are a variety of columns in your Event Log. Here is a short explanation of each column:

Date Picker—used to select the specific time frame for your report (Fiscal Year, Quarter, or Month).

Timestamp—displays the time and date an event happened.

Action—the check boxes allow you to filter by the type of action (Created, Updated, Printed).

Type—the check boxes allow you to filter by the type of transaction that was recorded (Payee, Transaction, Tenant).

User—the check boxes allow you to filter by which user was involved in the change.

Message—gives a brief summary of the event.

  • Access the Event Log—To access the Event Log, click on the Reports icon and then select “Event Log.”
  • Filtering the Event Log—You may filter the event log by action, types of transaction, or user. Click on the arrow next to the column heading and then check the boxes you wish to appear in the Event Log.
  • Accessing Transactions—To access a specific transaction from the Event Log, click on the transaction number in the Message column. You will be taken to that transaction to see the details.


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