Creating a Check


This type of transaction is used for printing paper checks or recording handwritten checks. Checks are limited to Asset, Liability, and Expense accounts. 

  1. Click the “New Transaction” drop-down menu and select “Check.”
  2. Enter the memo (optional).
  3. Enter the date.
  4. Select the payee.
  5. Enter the check number.
  6. Select your first account and enter the amount.
  7. Select your second account and adjust the amounts as necessary.
  8. If you wish for the check to recur, click the “Make Recurring” button and then enter your recurring information.
  9. Verify your information in the Debits and Credits sections and on your sample check; then click the “Save” button. The check will be saved to your print queue.
  10. To print the check, click the “Print Queue” link at the top of the screen. On the Print Queue page, select the check and click the “Print” button.