Navigating Expense Accounts


Efficiently navigating the Expense Accounts section of Church360° Ledger will help you to get the most out of your data and refine it for reporting purposes.

  • To access your Expense accounts in Church360° Ledger, click on the Expenses mini graph in the home screen.
  • You will be taken to a main Expense Accounts page that shows all your Expense account information. You may drill down to view specific Expense accounts by clicking the appropriate mini graph.
  • Your transaction history will be displayed on the lower portion of the screen.
  • Use the date picker to select a date range for the Expense Account information displayed.
  • The lock icon next to a transaction indicates that the transaction has been reconciled and therefore cannot be edited.
  • You may access certain sub-account, check, and payee information from the main Expense screen by clicking on its name.