Deleting an Account


Church360° Ledger does not allow certain accounts to be deleted.

Various rules determine if an account can be deleted or only deactivated.

Any account that has a transaction associated with it can only be deactivated. A deactivated account will still show up on your chart of accounts and on any report, but you cannot add additional transactions to the account.

These are the rules for deletion:

  • Assets and liability accounts cannot have a balance.
  • Income and expense accounts cannot have any transactions.

Note: Be careful when you are creating your chart of accounts. Creating an asset or liability with a starting balance will mean you cannot delete the asset or liability later. You will have to use the “Reset” button to eliminate the account, which may cause you to lose other account information. Save often!

 Here is how to delete or deactivate an account:

  1. Click the settings icon.
  2. Select “Chart of Accounts”.
  3. Select the account type to display all categories and accounts, then select the account you want to delete or deactivate.
  4. Click “Delete”. A message will display if you are unable to and will explain why. If the account cannot be deleted, a “Deactivate” button will display instead.