Home Screen Transactions View


Transactions are used to enter financial information into the system. Transaction details appear below the graphs on the home page.

Use the date picker to select the date range for transactions appearing in your home screen.

There are five types of transactions:

  1. Transfer—Used to transfer money between two accounts of the same type.
  2. Deposit—Used to deposit money into your Income, Asset, or Restricted accounts.
  3. Payment—Used for online or electronic payments.
  4. Check—Used for writing checks.
  5. Journal Entries—Used for transferring money between accounts to fix errors.

In this view, the available columns include:

  • Lock Column—Voided transactions are indicated by a symbol in the lock column. Transactions that have been locked due to reconciliation are indicated by a lock symbol in the lock column .
  • Date—Displays the date of the transaction.
  • Type—Displays the type of transaction (transfer, deposit, payment, check, or journal entry).
  • Payee—Displays the payee name. You may click on the payee name to access the payee history.
  • Account—Displays the account name. You may click on the account name to view all transactions associated with this account.
  • Memo—Records any memo you added to the transaction.
  • Amount—Records the amount of the line item for that transaction.
  • Running Balance—Records the running balances of your combined Income, Asset, Liability, and Expense accounts.