Importing Data from Shepherd’s Staff


If you have financial information in Shepherd’s Staff, you can import it into Church360° Ledger (if you are doing a re-import please contact Software Support to wipe your initial upload/data).

You can only import this data when you first create an account. If you create your account without importing your database, you will not be able to import the information.

  1. Click “Choose File” and select your Shepherd’s Staff database.
  2. Choose which option to use for the import:
  • The first option imports your Chart of Accounts, Current Balances, and Transactions History.
  • The second option imports just your Chart of Accounts and Current Balances.
  1. Click the “Submit” button.
  2. If you have any dedicated accounts, choose which Asset account each one belongs to.
  3. Once all dedicated accounts have been selected, click the “Submit” button to finish the upload process. After the upload completes, you will be taken to your Home Page.

Note: If you have dedicated accounts, you will not be able to import transaction data; you will get only your Chart of Accounts and Current Balances.


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