How do I export payroll information from Paychex?


Church360° Ledger has the capability to import payroll information from the Paychex online website. Please note that payroll details and all other payroll processing is performed in Paychex.

Once the checks are created in Paychex, they can be exported to a TXT file. Then that file can be imported into Church360° Ledger. After the file is imported, Church360° Ledger will automatically update your account balances by creating a matching payroll transaction for each employee.

Logging In

  1. Go to
  2. Enter user ID
  3. Answer your security question or choose to receive a verification code
  4. Enter your password
  5. If your Chart of Accounts has not yet been set up within the Paychex interface, there will be a setup wizard that walks you through a series of steps that include entering the Chart of Accounts and setting preferences. If your Chart of Accounts has already been set up in the interface, you will not see the setup wizard and instead you can click “Manage” on the right hand side of the page and then “Settings” in order to review/confirm the required preference settings.

Required Preference Settings (Click on General Ledger Icon on the Top Left)          

  1. From landing page, click on "Journal Entry Files." This will take you to the "General Entry" page.
  2. Under the “Settings” menu, the file format should be set to “Generic Text” in the Application/File Format drop down.
  3. Underneath the questions, “How do you want to organize your Transactions?” the option for “By Check” should be selected.
  4. The “Include Employee Name” toggle should be turned on.

  5. The “EFT Split” toggle should be turned on.

Exporting Steps

  1. Clicking on the General Ledger icon will pop-up the General Ledger landing page
  2. Verify your Client ID and Client Name
  3. Click the ‘Switch to Classic’ link to go to the journal entry files page." This will take you to a page listing the files that are waiting to be or have been downloaded.
  4. If your file is listed and the status column show as new skip to step 21, if it shows as no files to download skip to step 15, if it shows as failed go to step 14.
  5. If the status shows as failed you can hover your mouse over the word failed and it will give you an error message. If the status is Crossfooting or Processing Error you will need to call Paychex General Ledger Support at 877-456-6317, if it shows as missing accounts you can click on the Maintain Chart of Accounts and assign the missing item(s). Our support team can also assist you with this.
  6. You can choose a data range or individual payroll option. It's recommended you choose the individual payroll option.
  7. The select Payroll Link will light up. Click this link to bring up the next window showing payrolls going back 18 months. Select one or more payrolls to have the system create payroll files. Click finish and the window will close.
  8. Now select the "Create file" link at the bottom of the page.
  9. Once the file is created, it will show one or more payrolls and each will say "Processing" as the status.
  10. Click refresh every 30-45 seconds until all the "Processing" statuses change to "New."
  11. If it changes to "Failed" go to step 14.
  12. Once the statuses are "New", select the files to download and click “Download Selected Files” depending on what web browser you are using, the file may automatically go into a downloads folder. If you have a “Save As” option use that. When you save the file, if you have the option of changing the file name, it is recommended to do so as the default file name is very generic.
  13. It is also recommended that you download one file at a time.
  14. Save the downloaded file to a familiar location on your computer. This is the location you will return to, in Church360° Ledger, in order to import the file you downloaded.


  • If a current Paychex client has the General Ledger Service as part of their payroll package and an on-line user ID, they can call 877-456-6317 to schedule a setup appointment with one of our setup specialists.
  • If a current Paychex client does not currently have the General Ledger Service as part of their payroll package or does not have an on-line user ID, they will need to speak with their local payroll specialist to setup the user ID or code the service. Once it is coded and a user ID is set up, you can call 877-456-6317 to schedule your setup, it can take up to 24 hours after the service is coded to show in the active products to schedule the setup.
  • New clients who want to use the service will need to sign up for the General Ledger Service, not the General Ledger Report.
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